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Iceloof is created by Hurin in July 2013, and upgraded serval times in the following few years. The first version was simple, it was a static website, it provided a easy way for people to access Facebook, Twitter and Youtube without setting VPN in China. It also provided some free Proxy tools and useful website link and some sample code for IT courses. In the second version, UI was redesigned and more website links(like online TV and Radio) and browser proxy were provided. In the third version, it was not a static website anymore. Metro UI is used for this version, this time I focus on tools development, some financial data collection and analysis are provide. online judgement can help you test your code online with more than fifty programming languages, so you can run you code and get result immediately. New Zealand Skilled Migrant Points indicator and VPN softwares are also provided in this website, API will be implemented and provided soon.

We have developers who can do software and web development, including front-end and back-end development for website, android and iOS development for mobile. If you have relevant projects, please feel free to contact us. (

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Copyright © 2017 Iceloof. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED